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I have a start-up company with fairly
sophisticated IT needs.
Where do I go for help? That’s my issue

Look no further!

We are an IT company

focused on Small Business

with broad small business support experience. We will ensure that IT becomes a key component of your company’s success.
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Our employees often work offsite from customer location and home offices. We need fast, reliable and secure remote access to our company network. That’s my issue

Experienced implementing

Remote Support & Remote

Access capability

for companies with over 100 outbound workers, we are ready and able to help. We can show the most effective ways to implement this capability and can support you employees instantly online regardless of where they are.
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We are small company. How do I find reliable, knowledgeable IT support and solid advice at a reasonable price? That’s my issue

Small companies are our specialty.

We have the expertise and references that will give your IT comfort level a big boost. Our combination of affordable rates and unparalleled efficiency minimizes IT support costs. Skeptical? We’d be happy to provide you with references..
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Our day to day business operations rely on the internet and email. Do we have adequate protection in place to ensure secure operations? That’s my issue

We’ll be glad to take a look

for you free of charge.

We’ll let you know if your internet access is secure and safe from outside intruders. We can also show you how to make sure your employees are only using the internet to do what you need them to do.
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Welcome to INDEPENDENT Network Consultants

At Connecticut based Independent Network Consultants, LLC we realize that managing technology is an essential but difficult task for small to medium sized businesses. Our goal is to relieve our Connecticut clients of that burden by utilizing our years of field proven IT expertise for their benefit.

We will take the headaches out of supporting your IT environment at costs small and medium businesses can afford. Operating as your virtual IT staff throughout Connecticut, we can design/re-design and maintain your IT infrastructure to be a highly functional, reliable and stable resource. Realize the productivity & operational improvements enterprise class businesses enjoy, contact us today!
Computer Security Solutions Connecticut
Based in Connecticut, INC LLC offers and supports complete computer security solutions that protect our Connecticut clients from IT threats and allow them to manage all types of Internet risks.

We protect information from viruses, intrusions, hackers, spyware and spam for technology savvy Connecticut businesses. In addition to our computer security solutions we also offer professional network planning, implementation & technical support.
Secure Remote Access Solutions Connecticut
Providing secure Remote access solutions to enterprise information is necessary as Connecticut corporations continue to move business activities online and expand the enterprise border beyond physical space limitations. However, many Connecticut companies today still rely solely on stagnant, reusable passwords for security purposes, thus creating opportunities for the compromise of enterprise information. Our Secure Remote Access Solutions provide everything you need to identify users with assurance and confirm network rights, enabling you to:

1. Increase efficiency by permitting your remote human resources to securely access information from anywhere at anytime.

2. Save time and money by securely moving business activities to the web, removing time-consuming and costly manual intervention.

3. Improve effectiveness by allowing associates, clients, and suppliers to securely access the vital information that they need to do business.